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A fun top down space combat game. with the capability to customize missions and fly everything
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David Peterson
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8 September 2000

Editor's review

Flight simulators were created as games to bring the happiness of being a professional military pilot. Flight arcades let you feel like a real air-based destroyer, and there are no difference if you are a pilot or an airplane.
The game, which is called HellFighter is an example of successful combination of these styles of flight-dedicated games. It’s easy to tell, but not so easy to play. The hardest thing is in aiming. Aerodynamics and inertia of your plane are unpredictable and it’s hard to catch your all-the-time-moving opponents. You may use a joystick, and it could make the process a bit simpler. But you may play using cursor keys and Space as well, though it’s not so convenient. Difficulty of driving makes that game even more interesting and exciting, like a real simulator. But the rest is a direct copy of a simple arcade. Excellent 3D graphic design and well-performed sound edition let me call HellFighter one of the most interesting arcade games. It’s recommended to launch the game only with Win95 or NT-version, but my ME has passed the “compatibility” test. The game is very interesting, and that’s a fact.

Publisher's description

A fun top down space combat game. with the capability to customize missions and fly everything from a fighter to a bomber to a capital ship.
Version 2.03
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Brandon Seim
I have played Hellfighter32 for a long time, and it is a great game. I love it. It`s very addictive, but it also needs better graphics, more options, such as customizing weapons or something. Maybe make your own ship. Something like that.
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